Thursday, December 08, 2011

Revel, Relive, Revile

Goto80 [.se]
Jan-M. Iversen [.no]
Wouter Jaspers [.nl]
Emil Matko [.sl]
Pacific 231 [.ie]
Yan Jun [.cn]

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Render, Alter, Remember, Enter

Clutter [.uk]
Cezary Gapik [.pl]
Wouter Jaspers [.nl]
Csaba Szentpétery [.hu]
Xedh [.es]

Friday, January 01, 2010


Bryan Day & Zanstones [ky] Fizz4 [gr] Mike Brosco [il] Mouches Volantes [no] 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Elephants Instep For Madrid

Rescued from a videotape comes this release in 2 parts. This was the 1st show on the November 2008 Iberian tour. Composed and performed live at Basico on 11.19.2008 in Madrid, Spain.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Snakes Hip for A Coruña

The Snakes Hip was composed in and presented live for A Coruña on 11.21.2008 before a most enthusiastic crowd. Never has the tax form of 1957 been so popular!

The Eels Ankle for Vigo

Composed and presented live at a Cova dos Ratos in Vigo, Spain on 11-20-2008.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reformulate Sacrosanct Impulses

Alozeau [es] Koude [ru] Ennio Mazzon [it] Sarah Vacher [es]

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Explore The History Of Pathological Dreamers

1605munro [de] BNH [fi] Deleted [fr] DJet [ru] Heezen [es] Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjørnet [dk] Mer Mlau [dc] Subido [fr] Carlos Valverde [es]

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Masters Live II at Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC, September 15, 2007

Uncomfortable in traditional situations this concert's highlight is that Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art plan to use recordings from as many artists taking part of Sonic Ciruits as possible.

Masters Live I

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Reduced to This (after all these years)

afgan fields of gaf love;aberrant series, 1[es]
Ben Presto [it]
Gabriel Kalb [br]
Metek [se]
Sirk [no]
the_empath [de]

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ascertain Reliable Disclaimers*

Bruzgynai [lt]
Leo Alves Vieira [br]
Al Margolis [ny]
Mr Ebu [de]
Miopec [cl]
Sergi Saldaña [no]
Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl [nj]
Tiziano Milani [it]
Tortured by Turtles [lt]

*subject to change

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Burnish Misplaced Empathy

bai tain [cn]
bret hart [nc]
sergi saldaña [no]
ronny wærnes [no]

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tangle, Wrangle & Finagle It

Contributors: Aatmaa vs. Swamp Up Nostrils [ct/no], Jorge Cabargas [cl], Billy Catfish [oh], Dieson Cristiano [it], DJet [ru], Doodleinacacoon [au], Duo Inmortales [cl], ememe [jp], Minuit [es], November [de], Patrick Parent [be], Jos Smolders [nl] and Violet [dc]

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Grapple with Intertia Systems

Contributors: Brekakakexkoaxkoax [tx], Staplerfaher [nl], Kakawaka [de], Haters [ca]

Circumambulating the Temple of Reduction

Contributors: Napalmed [cz], Pan Demla [cz], Robothair [uk], Matt Davis & Zan Hoffman [ky]

Belleglip Ranch Episode

Contributors: Agog [ca], Crow [uk], Messy [nl], Minoy [ca], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], PBK [mi], Swinebolt #45 [tn], Zan Hoffman [ky], 1348 [dc]


Bewilder via Gesticulations

Contributors: Bertrand Denzler [fr], Suso Romaris [mx], Infant Cycle [can], Big City Orchestra [ca]


Monitor Your Transitions

Masters Monitor from 2002 uses recordings sent for my 15 x 1 project among other things making another thrilling journey for Masters fans.

Contributors: Don Campau [ca], Ray Carman [oh], Crypt [es], Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer [at], Bryan Day [ia], Amy Denio [wa], dnasnow/mouseup [ky], Steve Escott [uk], Charlie Newman [ky], TheHorseHe'sSick [au], V. [dc], Zan Hoffman [ky]

Collapsing Spectrum Prospectors

Collapsing Spectrum Prospectors from December 2001 explores ranges of abstract dialog and searching between sonic events. Utilizing brand new sources from Japan's Outermost, old PBK [mi]and Croiners [ny] collaborative works, recordings of my own such as the drawer and Kevin Cosgrove [dc] plus various explorations of Bryan Day [ia] and Mangenerated [nl] I pull together the 27th Masters release.

Liva's Lacerations

Not letting go of this intensity Masters return for a second time in 2000 with Liva's Lacerations. This number presses new collaborative material from Kazuhiro Ohtsuka, Ames Sanglantes and Pablo Reche to reach new levels of dislocation with a cruelly sliced version of the "Liva's Feberdrom" story by Zanstones created for Danish Radio featuring the voice of Tanja. Another sound source from my European tour by Rinus was deemed important to include in this mayhem.

Contributors: Ames Sanglantes [can], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], Pablo Reche [ar], Rinus [nl], Tanja [dk], Zan [ky]

part 1 and part 2

Pallbearers of the Sardonic

Pallbearers of the Sardonic is the intense and marvelous Masters release from 2000.

Contributors: Jorge Castro [pr], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], Witcyst [nz], Zan Hoffman [ky]


Uncharted Delirium

Really sweet, coming from February 1999 is Uncharted Delirium. Back to the intense roots of the project.

Contributors: de fabriek [nl], dave prescott [ma], mark hanley [oh], ken clinger [pa], mhmh [tn[, minóy [ca], pbk [mi], robert ommundsen [no], john wiggins [ny]

Revive Unhinged Topics

Reliving some long lost source material unearthed in "II", I embarked on a new work Revive Unhinged Topics. Starting with sessions featuring CBC3, Barb Hall, Adam Bohman and myself, in different iterations, I combined some material from Robert "brt" Ommundsen, Agog and the Floating Concrete Orchestra.

Contributors: Agog [ca], Adam Bohman [uk], Brt [no], CBC3 [ky], Jon Dunbar [ky], Floating Concrete Orchestra [wi], Barb Hall [ky], Zan [ky]

Open to Degradation

Not forgetting about these excellent Masters in 1998, I've produced Open to Degradation. A miracle in process, with a bed of John Wiggins plus Mark Hanley sitar sleeping with a dreamy assortment of elements. Jan Wallo, Robert Ommundsen, Mystery Hearsay and others supply the ointment for the degradation.

Contributors: Big City Orchestra [ca], Ro"brt" Ommundsen [no], ecdm [es], Mark Hanley [oh], Mystery Hearsay [tn], Jan Wallo [dk], John Wiggins [ny]

How We Knew We Were Here

The follow-up to this work How We Knew We Were Here' continues the process of glacial inevitable progression from one sound moment to the next. Sublime and desirable.

Contributors: Agog [ca], Catfish [wa], CBC3 [ky], De Fabriek [nl], Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer [at], Margaret Freeman [fr], Minóy [ca], Nick [in], PBK [ca], Robert Ommundsen [no], Swinebolt#45 [tn], Tuf [jp]

Emphasizing Devious Ambiguous Arts

In 1997 I decided that Masters was to continue as my vehicle of choice for multi-collaborative home taper collages. As proof of this new-found enthusiasm I created an excellent mix Emphasizing Devious Ambiguous Arts. This is the twentieth Masters tape.

Contributors: Agog [ca], factor X [uk], Haters [ca], Mika Jaxun [ma], Nick [in], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], PBK [mi], Barry Edgar Pilcher [uk], PKK [de], Runzlestirn & Gurglestock [ch], Tom Furgas [oh], Tuf [jp]

Spew Corrosive Waste Vindictively

Summing up much of the 1980s works by Masters is this compilation I made for the Belgian label Corrosive Tapes.

Fragments from the End of Time

Fragments from the End of Time was intended as the last recording by Masters and was recorded on the first day of 1988. I have no idea who is on it (although Dave Prescott, who released the work on the A-side of the Generations Unlimited box set LP tells me I used a sample from Rik Rue which in turn he lifted from an obscure 20th century composer). It is a side long piece that beautifully swells and recedes. It is rich and engaging, a really strong work which is representative of my mixing style and vital use of sounds and textures.

Relapse of Ninety-Two

On the second day of 1992, I embarked on an adventurous undertaking to celebrate the repair of my new Fostex X-26. I gathered tapes from everybody listed below who has appeared on a MotUA cassette and combined the sources in a stunning mix which took almost five hours to complete. The result is Relapse of Ninety-Two which, although it is a C-30 master, I am releasing it as a C-60 with two wildly different mixes, one on each side. This tape has more than 55 source tapes ranging from my oldest collaborative sources from people no longer active to a brand new Agog sound source tape received a week before the mix. Aside from all these technicalities this tape is a dramatic listening excursion with subtle techniques and sound source interaction. Maybe if I said it were a riot, you'd buy it. Listen here: Get this tape, OK? Don't you follow orders? Get in line!

Inches Away From Words We Hate

Inches Away From Words We Hate is a joyous work which is mature and supple. A cascading mix of sounds, music and voices to coax you into submission.

Contributors: Agog [ca], Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer [at], Robert Ommundsen [no], Cheryl Sobas [ny]

Source of the Vile

Source of the Vile features the first side that I sent to Minóy and which he returned saying "Vile Indeed: Don't release this shit!" What more encouragement do I need? Here you have it, the B-side has 4 pieces, three with Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer, a reason enough to get the tape alone. Doubly delightful and disorienting.

Contributors: Agog [ca], Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer [at], Katharsis [ca], Doh Matsuura [jp], Minóy [ca], Mkst [ia]

Securing Blind Faith II

The truth of the matter is Securing Blind Faith master tape has been lost for nearly 10 years. I've stealthily kept it in the catalog waiting for someone to request it... but alas only _I_ knew it was gone. I've had a secret plan for a few years to re-create it, and only in late 1998 did this become a wonderful recording.
unfaithfully recreated 11/9/98 at trimorphic studios to specifications long lost.
I used old-school and obscure recordings, and coupling artist together as in the original release. I took the liberty to splatter some Minóy across the final master tape, to spice it up. Savor Securing Blind Faith II with its' intertwined cbc3, mystery hearsay, mkst, and minoy, processed with style and intensity.

Contributors: CBC3 [ky], Minóy [ca], Mkst [ia], Mystery Hearsay [tn]

The Hot XIII

The Hot XIII is cruel and agonizing. Lots of unwieldy noises and some more tragic moments to offset the butchery.

Contributors: Fendrums [ky], Tom Furgas [oh], Mika Jaxun [tn], Al Margolis [ny], Minóy [ca]

Midnight Flight to Ruin

Midnight Flight to Ruin has only two contributors: Minóy [ca] and Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp] and the combination has a simplicity of only two sources but a serious level of troublesome sounds and voices.

Live Recombobulated Exquisite Corpses

Live Recombobulated Exquisite Corpses was my first solo live performance. It was at the Botanical Center in Des Moines and it was in a beautiful environment with the sun setting as my show progressed. It is a changing mix of 27 different collaborators mixed live to a receptive audience. The funny point came when I used a tape by Aaron Winsor that had applause. The audience burst into applause as if that was a cue for them! The recording is a clear, accurate and wonderful document of a successful performance.

Contributors: Adam Bohman [uk], Croiners [ny], Crow [uk], Fendrums [ky], Gory Armadillos [ia], Mauro Guazotti, Haters [can], John "i hate to get my foot wet" Hudak [nj], Mika Jaxun [tn], Mkst [ia], Minóy [ca], Mystery Hearsay [tn], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], Robert Ommundsen [no], Barry Edgar Pilcher [uk], Dave Prescott [ma], Sismoid [fr], Belinda Subraman [de], Swinebolt#45 [tn], T.Diez [il], Tuf [jp], Van der Veen [nl], Mike Vargas [vt], John Wiggins [ny], Aaron Winsor [ca]

Sensual Singe

Sensual Singe is an experiment in indeterminacy with all tapes chosen with a random number determination and the mix determined by a series of randomly arrived at numbers. The result is distressing because the mix is never comfortably in one place and keeps shifting unexpectedly. Yet this tape is rewarding and even joyous at times.

Contributors: Crow [uk], John Eberly [ks], Mark Hanley [oh], Mika Jaxun [tn], Minóy [ca], Mkst [ia], Nick [in], Barry Edgar Pilcher [uk], T.Diez [il], Van der Veen [nl]

Debunking of Tradition

I recorded Debunking of Tradition on June 14th, two days before my 23rd birthday in 1987. It is similar to my early You Me Us & Them tapes which were recorded around the same time. Six pieces in all, each sufficiently varied and complete enough to keep you entertained.

Contributors: Adam Bohman [uk], ECDM [es], Mkst [ia], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], Paisley Hued Eucalyptus Corkscrew Pavillion [ca]

Unclean Brut

"Unclean Brut" is a series of pieces using Crow, Croiners and Kazuhiro Ohtsuka sources. It is chaotic, perplexing and downright disturbing.
Contributors: Croiners [ny], Crow []uk, Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp]

Caustic Decibels for Shigar

"Caustic Decibels for Shigar" is wholly varied with some brilliant combinations of people and their sources. At times it's almost funny, at other times it's quite noisy.

Contributors: Cauchy 138 [nl], Mauro Guazzotti [it], Jesoz Hopkins [uk], Katharsis [ca], Minóy [ca], Swinebolt#45 [tn], Rudi Tuscher [ch], Peter Zincken [nl]

For the Ear

For the Ear sports a beautiful cover by Henri Van Der Veen and features a fascinating piece with lyrics by John Eberly called "Flesh Them." There's also Dave Prescott's favorite cut-up: "Y.U.R. a Social Creature" with a funny vocal and hip musical backing. The final piece is a 15 minute jungle of noises entitled "Tidal Wave Arson."

Contributors: Croiners [ny], Crow [uk], EBS [ia], Mark Hanley [oh], Inverse Zanatone [ia], Minóy [ca], Van der Veen [nl]

Give Ya Five

Contributors: Hapunkt Fix and Ona Nuk [de], Herself [md], John Hudak [nj], Yoshiaki Kinno [jp], Minóy [ca], Solomonoff and Von Hoffmannstahl [nj], Tuf [jp]. Cover drawing by Mike Stevens.

Panoramic Mirk

Panoramic Mirk is a work which has three pieces that range from experimentally musical to all-out obscure.

Contributors: John Eberly [ks], Fendrums [ky], Mkst [ia], Tuf [jp], Zan and EBS [ia]. Cover art by Mike Stevens.

Seeking the Sun

Seeking the Sun has some interesing qualities includidng jarring lo-fi experimental techniques .

Contributors: John Eberly [ks], Tom Furgas [oh], Yoshiaki Kinno [jp], T.Diez [il], John Wiggins [my], Zan Hoffman [ia]


MA» is a classic with great Sismoid rhythms, Swinebolt#45 guitars and Tuf noises. A fun and truly representational tape in my catalog.

Contributors: Ken Clinger [ca], Richard Martin [tn], Minóy [ca], No Unauthorized [fr], O'Nancy in French [jp], Sismoid [fr], Swinebolt#45 [tn], Tuf [jp], Van der Veen [nl]

First and Foremost

First and Foremost is the definitive Masters tape: alternatingly noisy and alluring. It features great and difficult combinations of many different people's sounds and noises. Especially prominent are the captivating distorted electronic rhythms of Sismoid [fr].

Contributors: Adam Bohman [uk], Don Campau [ca], Sismoid [fr], Van der Veen [nl], Zan Hoffman [ia]