Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tangle, Wrangle & Finagle It

Contributors: Aatmaa vs. Swamp Up Nostrils [ct/no], Jorge Cabargas [cl], Billy Catfish [oh], Dieson Cristiano [it], DJet [ru], Doodleinacacoon [au], Duo Inmortales [cl], ememe [jp], Minuit [es], November [de], Patrick Parent [be], Jos Smolders [nl] and Violet [dc]


zan said...

"Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art #33" is a strange, disturbing piece.
A zapping of noise with occasional beautiful moments, I can feel the freedom of the sounds and the exploration for never seen before worlds that are in and out from this one. A compressed, fragmented piece of free electroacustic art, it´s incredible that you can see so many things in such a brief time.
My english is so limited as always for expressing my thoughts, the only thing I can say really is that I´m really loving this one!!!
Yours in the sky of fog and mountains,
Miguel A. GarcĂ­a [es]

sink sink socks said...

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