Thursday, January 12, 2006

Securing Blind Faith II

The truth of the matter is Securing Blind Faith master tape has been lost for nearly 10 years. I've stealthily kept it in the catalog waiting for someone to request it... but alas only _I_ knew it was gone. I've had a secret plan for a few years to re-create it, and only in late 1998 did this become a wonderful recording.
unfaithfully recreated 11/9/98 at trimorphic studios to specifications long lost.
I used old-school and obscure recordings, and coupling artist together as in the original release. I took the liberty to splatter some Minóy across the final master tape, to spice it up. Savor Securing Blind Faith II with its' intertwined cbc3, mystery hearsay, mkst, and minoy, processed with style and intensity.

Contributors: CBC3 [ky], Minóy [ca], Mkst [ia], Mystery Hearsay [tn]

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