Thursday, January 12, 2006

Relapse of Ninety-Two

On the second day of 1992, I embarked on an adventurous undertaking to celebrate the repair of my new Fostex X-26. I gathered tapes from everybody listed below who has appeared on a MotUA cassette and combined the sources in a stunning mix which took almost five hours to complete. The result is Relapse of Ninety-Two which, although it is a C-30 master, I am releasing it as a C-60 with two wildly different mixes, one on each side. This tape has more than 55 source tapes ranging from my oldest collaborative sources from people no longer active to a brand new Agog sound source tape received a week before the mix. Aside from all these technicalities this tape is a dramatic listening excursion with subtle techniques and sound source interaction. Maybe if I said it were a riot, you'd buy it. Listen here: Get this tape, OK? Don't you follow orders? Get in line!

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